Module 3 House

Jess Dominick
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Module 3 - Vacation House
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For this project, modelling the land features and topography was exciting and added another layer of complexity to considering the wall materials and also window placement, especially. I found it difficult to plan out where certain features could go given the submerged subject of the lower floors, but the upper level makes up for it with ample windows. Creating a vertical multistory building has its' advantages because you are able to utilize the space in different ways and create a building that has some level of separation without the need for stretched hallways or alternatively, large open spaces like you would need if you wanted to build a 3-4 bedroom house all on one floor. It creates a separation of space that is helpful in designing a theme for the house, such as one meant to vacation in. I definitely adapted to the terrain as much as I could in order to avoid changing the landscape too much, as I wanted this house to be situated in the mountains and not on a big open and cleared plot of land.