Module 3

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I want this house to have a wonderful view of the lake that's on the south side of the house, therefore, I added a lot of windows, and placed curtain walls on the south side. I designed a patio on the lower level where people can have barbeques and hang out. In addition to the interior stairs, I want to have a better connection between the two levels, I added a cool-looking exterior stone stair to the balcony/decking on the upper level. The living room is very spacious and open, with a modern-looking fireplace at the corner. To maximize the outdoor space and to add complexity to the house exterior, I made another small decking on the northeast corner, which can also serve as a quiet retreat. The bedrooms are quite simple but functional. In case there is someone in the family who wants to work out during the vacation, he or she has the option to do that in the gym room on the upper floor. I always want to have a modern-looking house and I think this house is partially what I want my future house to look like.