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Module 2 - Points to Ponder
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What are the primary goals of creating a building model? Who are the key stakeholders?

The primary goals of creating a building model are as follows:

(1) Collaboration of different parties including Designers, Contractors, Engineers, Sub-contractors etc.

(2) Reduce potential Crash and conflicts in different stage

(3) Allow different professionals using the system for their analysis For example, the designer will need this for the visual concept design, solar potential and the Contractor uses the modeling to see whether or not the development could be built by different methods.

How much detail should you include about the composition (layers, materials, thicknesses) of your wall, floor, and roof assemblies at different stages of your design process?

  • Conceptual design: less detail of development and basically the general outcome of design with limited information.
  • Preliminary design: Possible materials will be listed based on the conceptual design to meet the design requirements.
  • Design development: Detailed composition with range for further consideration before final design decision.
  • Construction documentation: Detailed composition with all dimension, materials to be used for construction purpose.

What are the advantages of getting the Revit component families (for furniture, equipment, and fittings) directly from the manufacturer versus from an online sharing website like RevitCity.com?

I think the advantages of getting the Revit component families directly from manufacturer are as follows

(1) Do not need to reproduce the component;

(2) The size of the products will be identical and reduce mistake in the future;

(3) Reduce the design duration