Lake Tahoe Vacation House

Lake Tahoe Vacation House

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This Lake Tahoe retreat house has a modern look, stands at close to 2,500 SF of floor space (not including the garage and a covered patio) has plenty of occupiable vacation space for a single family.

The exterior walls are a stack of a 11-1/8” concrete base and 2x6 wood studs with masonry stone finish and a 3-1/2 x 5/8” reveal for the concrete, wood stone wall transition; while the roofs at moderate slopes of 4/12, 1’ eaves; preference is for 2x12 wood rafters with an EPDM roof membrane for structural integrity and durability considering snow in this area.

This design includes a porch, an open patio at the garage top and a covered patio at the back with 10-2/3” diameter Doric columns.

The lower level floor is a 6” concrete slab with a 2-1/4” terrazzo finish; while the upper level floor is a 2x12 wood joist floor with wood finish and ceramic tile in the bathrooms.

The interior door sizes are typical at 30” x 80β€œ; while glass doors and windows are selected in a variety of sizes for scenic views and two skylights proposed at the stairs and porch roof for natural lighting.

Furniture and fixture components including fireplace equipment have been modeled for the functional space layout with this preliminary design providing for 5 bedrooms and 5-1/2 bathrooms and space usage flexibility.

The main living room is at the lower level with plenty of kitchen and storage space totaling about 1,400 SF; while an additional lounge, loft and view areas are situated at the upper level. Options are available for ADA restroom compliance at the lower level or addition of elevator lift for upper level access while, additional design improvements upcoming for the architectural, misc. structural and finishes.