AnaClare Sole

What does Sustainability Mean?

  • An affordable but achievable design; funds are not unlimited
  • Reducing energy waste and electricity use as much as possible
    • Maximize daylight for natural light instead of using electricity
    • Use the design to your advantage to reduce heating/cooling inside the building: curtain walls to be strategically placed so that they don’t heat the inside of the building too much
  • Incorporating recycled materials in the building infrastructure
    • Recycled plastic
  • Having an efficient water system
    • Rainwater collected and used
  • The building blends in with the environment around it
    • it does not disrupt wildlife/trees
    • the building space is efficient (no space is wasted)
    • incorporates as much greenery as possible
    • Examples:


      People's Pavilion: made from recycled plastic; 100% borrowed construction materials


      Austin Central Library: 467 solar panels on roof, water system that uses rainwater, 80% of spaces are daylit