Orlando Zambrano


What Does it Mean?

When I started high school (2013) I always thought of sustainability as the future. Next generation problem. I used to think that our generation purpose was to identify that the next generation duty was to implement sustainable measures. Then I grow up became more conscious about climate change and saw the consequences in other places on the internet.

I think sustainability apply for environmental, social and economic characteristics. Starts by being conscious about how your actions affect the planet and the people. Then make your best to change your habits of maintain them if you were always on the right path. Recycle, using your jeans for years, remembering to turn the lights off, paying the right amount for goods, expecting a rightful benefits in all the value chain, saving money etc.

Applied to buildings I think is more about the impact of the construction sector on cities. Its a big responsibility to design something that's going to prevail in time. Someones patrimony in some cases. It's our job to minimize the embodied energy of the materials used in the construction. To minimice the consumption of operating the building so the impact is reduce. There are a lot of techniques and products at our reach, to make every intervention on a job site with sustainable responsibility.

What Inspirational Examples Can We Learn From?