Sandro Boaro

Sustainability and Its Meaning:

More than anything, I find sustainability to be a concept based on hope. Hope is a strong emotion that demands what I like to call TLC ( tender, love, and care). Naturally, sustainability is the application of TLC to all of our connections with the environment. With that, every building design is nurturing another building from the environment not by destruction but by repurposing. In terms of promoting the principles of sustainability, I strongly believe that it is our job to do it without thinking twice; however, it is extremely difficult and therefore incentives are required. The ultimate goal is to design, build, and produce a built environment that harnesses positive feedback loops with the natural environment. Net Zero energy, Net Zero waste water contamination, and integrated green spaces all come to mind.


Above I have attached the Amazon Spheres located in downtown Seattle, WA. I had the privilege of seeing these in person during the pandemic, and above all, I learned how these spheres weren't meant to impress the world with a new creation but to make a statement to the city of Seattle about how we do live in a fragile bubble: one that is teeming with life. Inside the spheres is an isolated environment integrated with green walls, foliage, natural habit simulations that truly submerge the average day person. Similar to how Central park is the escape for New Yorkers and their robust city life, the Amazon Spheres do the same for Seattle.


Look to have materials come from reclaimed sources.

Find local businesses to provide for the project to lower costs of transportation.

LEED Certification guidelines help provide a baseline for every project-goer and should be used when thinking about the building.