Yueli Liang


What Does it Mean?

Sustainability is a critical concept for my life. Everything I am going to pursue is for the goal to create a sustainable city. The college I attended taught me what sustainability is. We did a sustainable farm there that use compost from the compost that collected by student body and the dinning hall. We did solar panel that can support the entire college academic buildings and we did energy saving by competitions among different residential halls. I learn the importance of sustainability. For my understanding, sustainability is some kind of cycle that provide us enough what we want from not hurting our environment and that is majorly talking about how should we give a world to our grandchildren that has the same or even more fresh air, cleaner water, and cleaner energy. I have done studies on green building trying to cut the energy to net zero and I think green buildings that comply with the sustainability goals should be an important parts of our future city.

What Inspirational Examples Can We Learn From?


"Discovery Elementary is the first LEED Zero Energy school and is now net positive. It sends a surplus of 100,000 KW back to the grid per year." - USGBC


"Eurobusiness, in Curitiba, Brazil, became the first building in the world to earn LEED Zero Water certification." - USGBC