Yueli Liang

Journal Entry For
Module 11 - Sharing Your Project


  • Key / Essential / Unique Design Features that you explored in your project:
  • The key features of my design is green roof, garden, and natural lighting.

  • Your Big Successes:
  • My design goal is to design a community center that people are willing to come. Multiple use of the building is one of the biggest success, which includes farmers market, gym, yoga room, dinning area, cafe, conference room, showers place, bars etc.

  • Your Big Challenges:
  • My biggest challenges are learning about architecture, structural, mechanical and plumbing. I have never use Revit or other related 2D tools before and learning these new concept are big challenges for me.

  • Lessons Learned :
  • After trying the plumbing system for hours, I realize my design is very bad for plumbing. Next time I will put sanitary lower than the cold and hot water line. Also I learned tricks and be more familiar with the tricks that connecting all the pipes. I will definitely make better plumbing system for my future project. Due to the bad work on the current plumbing system, I did not try the water reuse strategy, but I will definitely include this feature for my design to get to my LEED Zero Water goal.

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