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Class Participation
Publication Editorial Committee (rough notes)

Idea: A student-led committee that will be responsible for creating (using design thinking) a publication of class design project work.

Overview: Various publication formats will be considered (eg, proceedings, portfolio, prospectus, gallery, catalog, etc). Course instructors will advise and mentor. The publication will be posted on the web for public access & reference. Committee will meet as needed to discuss & work on publication. This is a voluntary activity & does not replace any required course work.

Requirements: The final publication will be in PDF format. Submission of student work will imply consent to publication of individual contributions. One or more committee members should contribute write-ups to introduce & summarize the purpose of the publication. Other sections can be discussed in committee. The publication will be finalized within 2 weeks of the end of the summer term.

Benefit: Committee members will be recognized in a list in the publication. Think of this as an add-on sustainability design thinking project that you could highlight on your resume.

Questions? Reach out to the course instructors. We will create a Slack channel in our workspace for this activity.