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Project 1 - Interviews

Excel Sheet for full information + Questions I asked

  • For my interview process
    • I only did F2F Interviews ( More of a qualitative approach, as a future improvement, I could have done a quantitative approach by blasting google forms to people while I worked on doing F2F interviews)
    • I recorded our conversations, and not having to ask them like a interview style but more of a chit-chat, and transcribe and summarise the conversations below
    • I interviewed 9-10 people
    • My goal for the F2F interview was to set of a 3 at a time, but within 1 day, I managed to talk to 6 amazing people right away.

Questions set I came up with, but during the conversations, not all were answered, as I used them to build the conversation and let the interviewees drive the conversation.
  • What are your thoughts on fitness/sustainable lifestyle?How would you describe your current fitness routine or lifestyle?
  • Are there any specific goals you're working towards?Can you tell me about any challenges or barriers you face when exercising regularly? How do you typically overcome them?
  • What motivates you to engage in fitness activities? Are there any particular factors or incentives that drive you to stay active? How do you prefer to track your fitness progress?
  • Do you use any apps, wearables, or other tools to monitor your activities and goals?Are there any specific fitness-related activities or programs you've been interested in but have yet to have the opportunity to try? What attracts you to them?
  • How do you feel about the social aspect of fitness? Do you prefer working out alone or with others? What role does social support play in your fitness journey?

Interview Findings for My Focus Area

Interview 1
Interview 2
Interview 3
Interview 4
Interview 5
Interview 6
Interview 7
Interview 8
Interview 9
Interview 10