Design Project 3 | Convergent Thinking - Feature Selection

Journal Entry For
Project 3 - Prototype WIP
  1. Compact Health Hub: The central theme of the pod revolves around holistic well-being. A compact, state-of-the-art kitchen supports meal preparation with a focus on nutrition and balanced eating for both parents and children. Adaptable exercise equipment is seamlessly integrated into the design, encouraging daily physical activity.

  1. Virtual Wellness Support: Utilising AR/VR technology to offers guided prenatal and postnatal exercises, meditation sessions, and parenting classes. This virtual support system enhances physical and mental well-being while maintaining a sense of community.

  1. Modular Flexibility: The pod features adaptable furniture systems that transform the living space according to different needs. For instance, a fold-out crib can seamlessly convert into a workstation or exercise area, ensuring efficient space utilization.