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Project 1 - Interviews

Interview Findings for My Focus Area

Questions used for the interviews conducted below:
  1. What comes to your mind about waste management and renewable energy?
  2. Can you describe your current method of disposing of used frying oil?
  3. How would you envision a service that turns waste into a resource, mainly used frying oil into biofuel? Would you be willing to take part in it? If so what incentives do you see fit to encourage you to do so?
  4. On average, how much used frying oil do you think your household/restaurant generates in a week?
  5. What would be the primary considerations influencing your decision to use a sustainability-oriented service?
  6. Are you aware of any statistics or data on the environmental impact of improper disposal of frying oil?
House Wife
Software Engineer
Industrial Engineer
Owner of a Fast Food Joint
Junior Brand Manager at L'oreal