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Project 1 - MVP Definition

Point of View Statement

Kenny, a soccer player, is often faced with the problem of worn-out shoes due to his rigorous daily workouts. He essentially finds himself in need of a new pair each month. What he is seeking on the market is footwear that offers style and durability without straining his budget. And most crucially, as a fashion enthusiast who cares about environmental sustainability, he wants shoes that are eco-friendly. This way, even if he changes his shoes daily, he won't face criticism or contribute to environmental degradation.

Minimum Viable Product

Through 3-D printing, we offer athletes and fashion enthusiasts shoes that are not only stylish and comfortable but also durable and environmentally friendly. Collaborated with Stanford University's sustainability department, every pair of our shoes is constructed from 100% sustainable materials, utilizing 3-D printing technology and AI-empowered design to create a futuristic aesthetic. Moreover, all our shoes are washable and have a modular design akin to Lego, allowing for disassembly and reassembly.

The simplest version of this product that delivers value and meets the challenges of this POV statement will have these essential features:

  • Feature 1: Sustainable
    • 100% recyclable materials
    • 3D printing construction, factory-free
    • 🌟Lego-like construction
    • Easily break down materials into raw materials and produce new ones.
  • Feature 2: breathable, washable, odor resistant, comfortable.
  • Feature 3: Futurist look
  • Feature 4: 🌟Private customizable cushion/sole/design.