Interview 4

Who Did You Interview?

  • Ella

Demographics That Might Provide Helpful Context for Their Responses

  • Residing in Seoul, South Korea
  • Born in 1971
  • Working as a fashion designer

Key Findings from the Interview

#1. How important is the environmental impact of cosmetics when choosing a product?

→ I consider it important to ensure the safety of the contents by securing the stability of the packaging. Therefore, I think it is important to check for hazardous substances in the packaging. Additionally, after multiple uses, I also consider the recyclability of the packaging and the option for refills. #2. Are there any particular ingredients or practices in the cosmetics industry that you consider to be unsustainable or harmful to the environment?

→ There has been a recall incident involving spray-style sunscreens. I am aware that products containing benzene can be harmful.

#3. What are the barriers or difficulties you face when trying to find and purchase sustainable cosmetics?

→ When using refillable products, concerns arise regarding hygiene, subsequent expiration date labeling, and limited accessibility to refill stations.

#4. Do you trust claims about sustainability efforts by cosmetics brands? What are your reasons for trusting or not trusting them?

→ Trust: ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is a hot topic nowadays and plays a significant role in shaping the image of companies. It is also closely linked to sales, so I believe companies will conduct extensive research on this matter. Distrust: However, I have doubts about whether companies will genuinely invest in practical actions that require significant costs, rather than simply using ESG as a marketing tool.

#5. Are there any certifications or labels that you specifically look for when purchasing sustainable cosmetics? What are the reasons for this?

→ I am not particularly familiar with certification agencies, but I tend to prefer products from companies that actively pursue ESG management. I also check the ingredient labels to see if they are environmentally friendly.

#6. How do you balance your desire for sustainable cosmetics with other factors such as price and effectiveness?

→ In practical terms, the options available to us include purchasing refillable products and checking for the presence of chemical ingredients. I consider whether the packaging is made from eco-friendly materials or if the contents are derived from natural ingredients. I tend to prioritize the purchase of refillable products to enjoy cost benefits, and I am willing to compromise on price to pursue products with natural ingredients.

#7. Do you have any sustainable packaging practices that you consider important in relation to cosmetics?

→ I prefer products with simple packaging and minimalistic design. For example, I avoid products with plastic lids shaped like flowers or similar decorative elements.