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Smart Sustainable Wardrobe

Shaya AL_Harthi

Friday, July 17, 2023



The Smart Sustainable Wardrobe embodies an innovative approach that revolutionizes the way people approach fashion. It offers a user-friendly platform that combines style, sustainability, and convenience. Through personalized outfit recommendations, garment lifecycle tracking, a directory of ethical brands, eco-friendly care tips, and Sharing, Donation, and Resale Assistance, the system empowers individuals to make conscious fashion choices effortlessly. By promoting responsible consumption, reducing textile waste, and fostering a circular economy, the Smart Sustainable Wardrobe transforms fashion into a force for positive environmental impact. This groundbreaking solution creates a seamless and enjoyable experience for users, empowering them to embrace a sustainable lifestyle without compromising on style.


  • Sustainable Fashion Recommendations
  • Clothing Lifecycle Tracking
  • Sharing , Donation and Resale Assistance


  • promoting sustainable fashion choices
  • reducing textile waste
  • encouraging mindful consumption


The fashion industry is plagued by issues of textile waste, overconsumption, and lack of transparency, contributing to significant environmental impacts. Consumers often struggle to make sustainable fashion choices due to the overwhelming amount of information and limited access to ethical brands. Furthermore, the process of tracking clothing lifecycles and making responsible disposal decisions remains cumbersome and time-consuming.


  • Age: 22
  • Occupation: A student at Stanford University
  • Values: Environmental sustainability
  • Lifestyle: —
  • Fashion Preferences: Prefers versatile, timeless pieces in a modern style
  • Needs from the Smart Sustainable Wardrobe: A comprehensive platform that tracks garment lifecycles, suggests sustainable brands with transparent practices, and provides eco-friendly care tips to align with his sustainable lifestyle.


Alex , who prioritize sustainability and conscious living, are eager to adopt responsible fashion practices. he needs a seamless solution that enables him to track his clothing's environmental impact, discover sustainable brands with transparent practices, access personalized care tips, and easily donate or resell garments


  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Garment Lifecycle Tracking
  • Eco-Friendly Care Tips
  • Donation and Resale Assistance


The insights and results from the prototyping and testing showed me that my first idea (solar backpack) was not feasible and it does not solve a real problem , or – effectively – promote sustainability, so I start to think about more creative idea which really solve sustainability problems and promote sustainability , and this is the smart sustainable wardrobe job.