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Name explanation (Ripply):

Encourage consumers to believe that even their smallest actions can have a great effect when compounded throughout society and motivate them to act in more sustainable ways if given the opportunity and reassurance



History of purchases

Track what the original purchase was compared to the alternative and its environmental effects (contribution to physical landfill pollution as well as social and pollution issues)

Public but moderated forum which allows users to post reviews over certain products as well comments on companies’ practices

Help people get reassurance from others over what products they are choosing to purchase


Analyzes various similar products across different websites and compares them in several categories including:



If available, information over where the materials were sourced/how reusable the materials are

Carbon Emissions

Overall from company and if available, the impact of the production of this specific product


The amount of single use plastics for packaging/any return policies on packaging for credit

Company Treatment

Treatment of workers including hours, pay, conditions, age, animal testing, etc

Longevity/Quality of Product

Average lifestyle of product


Public rating like Amazon in order to build assurance in the product

Processing power:

Relies on sustainable providers of cloud computing to carry out calculations/cross examine all the databases

Questions to ask:

Very reliant on a wide community of users/moderators

Too much processing power? Is all the information available?

Is this an invasion of privacy?

Here’s the link to the prototype: