Script for Elevator Pitch

My project is a cafe with the aim to promote eco-consciousness among residents of a compound by demonstrating the pursuit of an eco-conscious lifestyle. Let me paint a picture for you


Imagine coming home after a busy day and noticing bags of trash outside your apartment building, its your neighbors again. Despite strict rules on trash disposal and separation, they just don't seem to understand the importance of those rules.


That's where EcoBlend comes in.

The cafe has two main features: education and community cohesiveness.

For education, we provide customers with labeled cups indicating which trashcan they should dispose of it in. Additionally, a small note acknowledges their positive contribution to the environment. This discreet approach helps all customers learn proper trash separation.

Our cafe promotes community cohesiveness through a shared garden. When a customer makes 10 purchases, they receive a cup, seeds, and soil made from composted coffee grounds. If their seeds grow into a flower, they get a free cup of coffee, and a personalized placard is placed next to their flower in the garden, recognizing their contribution. We also organize gardening events and coffee chats on holidays, welcoming everyone to join.


So, the next time you encounter a neighbor's neglected trash, invite them to join us at EcoBlend. We'll not only help them become eco-conscious but recognize your collective efforts towards a greener future.