Design Project 1 | Domain / Area of Opportunity

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Project 1 - Domain / Area of Opportunity

The domain that I’d like to focus on is….

Food sustainability. In particular, creating a feature that will allow people to understand and utilize local and in-season foods in their area. This will increase food sustainability in the aspect of energy consumption in transportation and in community health.

This area is important/interesting to me because….

Looking at food sustainability from an energy standpoint, many foods undergo a long transport from harvest to plate which increases energy consumption and release of CO2 into the air. This allows people to decrease their carbon footprint which is very helpful to the environment and is a small but useful aid in the journey to preventing more climate change. Additionally, by decreasing this travel distance people get more local foods with less preservatives because they do not have to survive such a long travel. Less consumption of these chemicals is significantly better for bodily development, especially for children, which I find very important for communities.