Design Project 1 | Prototyping Plan

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Project 1 - Prototyping Plan

Prototyping Goals

Why am I creating a prototype?

The type of feedback that will be most helpful for refining and improving my product idea is:

  • What do you find the main purpose of the app to be?
  • What was difficult/easy about the “app”?
  • What addition would have made it easier to understand the purpose for the app?

Prototype Features

What product features will I prototyping? And why? What do I hope to learn from testing this feature?

  • Time friendliness —> Does this app seem easy and time manageable to utilize?
  • Statistical Encouragement (for the purpose of keeping people motivated to use the app) —> thoughts on the point system? Should it be made into more of a game?
  • Access to healthy local foods —> Will this “app” encourage more knowledge around healthy and local foods?

Prototype Media

How will you prototype and share these features with others to get their feedback?

I plan to create a paper version of an app. It will be made so that with each “button press” a new “screen” is pulled up.