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Project 1 - MVP Definition

Point of View Statement

Ryan needs a fast, cheap, and convenient gardening system because he doesn’t have a lot of time to grow food but still wants to eat fresh healthy home-grown vegetables.

John needs a fun, light, and quick gardening experience to kill extra time and relieve stress from his studies.

Minimum Viable Product

The simplest version of this product that delivers value and meets the challenges of this POV statement will have these essential features:

  • Automatic/smart plant watering

Watering plants take a lot of time, and according to interviews, the number one reason stopping people from growing their own food is the time used to water plants every day. Furthermore, watering plants the wrong way can easily lead to plants dying, which is also deterring potential consumers from growing their own food.

  • Integrated lighting

Many homes don’t have enough well-lit spaces for growing their own food. Even if consumers have many well-lit places near windows, they are unwilling to use that space and obstruct their view.

  • High yield rate

According to interviews, many interviewees don’t think the extensive amount of time and energy committed to farming is worth the extremely small yield often associated with home agriculture. High yield rates would encourage people to consider homegrown foods as their main food source.

  • Support daily nutrition needs

One of the fundamental features. This project is about encouraging people to transition to home farming as their main source of food. The product must be able to produce enough high variety of food that consumers can rely on for their diet.

  • Home friendly

One of the fundamental features. People must be willing to let the product into their homes.

  • All in one package
    1. The package should include:

    2. Seeds
    3. Planting medium
    4. Fertilizers
    5. The main system and all its components and parts, including replacements.

It is a big hassle to go shopping for compatible seeds, fertilizers, planting medium, and any additional parts. For the system to be convenient, the sales package must include everything the consumer could every need.

  • 10-20 minutes per day of user experience

Many interviewees use to grow their food for fun and identifies personal enjoyment as one of the main reasons they would want to grow their own food. A fully automatic and smart system would remove this fun and make the process dull.