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Project 1 - MVP Definition

Point of View Statement

Sarah needs to fit a workout routine into her packed school work because she wants to workout but struggle finding a time to balance her school work with physical health.

Minimum Viable Product

FitTime+ is a solution designed to help Sarah find an optimal time to Sarah incorporate a workout routine into her busy school schedule, enabling her to prioritize her physical health.

The simplest version of FitTime+ that delivers value and meets Sarah's challenges will have these essential features:

  • Calendar Analysis: FitTime+ will analyze Sarah's calendar to identify optimal workout timeslots based on her availability and existing commitments.
  • Suggested Exercise Plans: The solution will provide Sarah with personalized exercise suggestions for each identified timeslot, considering her fitness goals, preferences, and available resources, such as gym workouts, running, sports, and even walking.
  • Flexibility and Customization: Even if Sarah doesn’t know what to do or feels too much is going on, FitTime+ will make note of it and suggest short yet healthy movements to keep her fitness goals alive.
    • FitTime+ also allow Sarah to modify the suggested workout plan by providing alternative exercises or activities, ensuring she can choose a routine that best suits her preferences and circumstances.

With FitTime+, Sarah will be empowered to seamlessly integrate regular exercise into her demanding school routine, promoting her overall well-being and achieving her fitness objectives.

With FitTime+, you can now rest easy, and no longer worry when/what exercise to do, just focus on you need to do be it school/work/leisure, and let FitTime+ tune your schedule to nudge you towards a more healthy lifestyle. So you can never feel like never do something physical,

FitTime+ is your best friend in nudging you towards a healthy lifestyle regardless of how busy you think your schedule is.