Design Project 1 | Prototype Work In Progress

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Project 1 - Prototyping Plan

6th July - First Sketch of MVP


7th July - Demo Site

Beta Site ( with dummy data): https://fittime.vercel.app/



8 July 2023 - Simple Video Demo

10 July 2023

  • After feedback received from users, I went back, made minor improvements to how people could better understand what the solution was, the basic user flow as well as an easier way to sign up for a waiting list
  • I started with a sketch on what minor changes to make, and worked on the site that took me, 4-5 hours to finalise

11 July

  • Shared with wider community with Branner Hall students via Slack as well on Whatsapp
  • Also shared with Design Thinking class
    • Received many interesting feedback and viewpoints I never thought of
    • Got me now thinking, how can I corporate the reaction and feedback given into a more succinct look and feel, specifically in a mobile application

13-15 July ; Mobile Wireframe

  • Worked on creating a mobile app design since most people have smartphones

15 July - More Sketch + Started with Figma Design

  • I started working on Figma Design and created a simple prototype
  • image

16 July - HiFi Design

  • Getting some feedback from students and peers, I made more changes and updates