Design Project 1 | Testing Takeaways

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Project 1 - Plan for Iterating

Planning to Iterate

  • Was the feedback consistent?
    • It was very different and unique from the 3 people i’ve showed
    • Some liked it immediately due to the nice UI
    • Some liked it, but didn’t felt it would benefit them, but knows someone who would
    • Some felt the schedule was unrealistic
    • All said they would not pay for it immediately, but may be open to a subscription
  • What were the best learnings?
    • Adding more parameters such as location proximity
    • How people feel using my demo 😊
  • What should you implement as you ITERATE?
    • Possibilities for future:
      • Allow more interaction for testing
      • Provide more parameters for recommendation
      • Show an alert saying, the schedule showed is what an average schedule a college student has?? ← not too sure for now
      • Extension for trainers??
      • Group Training????
      • Add a tagline that is sustainably habits related!!!
    • Major iteration thoughts
      • Able to showcase nearby resources near me or place where I stay ( eg nearby gym, sports hall, group activity happening nearby )