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Project 1 - Composite Characters

Composite Character Profiles

Composite Character 1 Ananya (Female)

  • She is an Indian undergraduate living alone in an apartment while studying at her home university. Although she spends busy days, she always cooks her meals, thinking about her health.
  • Because foods directly affect our health, she cares about what nutrients are included in her meals. She always sets each nutrition amount she will take in a day and meets these goals.

Composite Character 2 John (Male)

  • He is an American undergraduate staying in the dormitory at his home university. While living there, he sometimes uses dining halls and sometimes cooks but rarely dines out.
  • Belonging to a football team, he must follow his club’s rules for the nutrition he can take in a day. He, therefore, calculates, in advance, the nutrients he can take for a meal and think of his menu, which he does all by himself.

Composite Character 3 Yan (Female)

  • She is a Chinese undergraduate living with her parents in her home country. She usually eats her parents’ handmade healthy dishes but sometimes eats out with her friends.
  • Because she wants to stay in shape, she is always aware of how many calories she takes in a day and controls the foods she eats. However, other than calories, she does not care so much.

Composite Character 4 Paul (Male)

  • He is a German undergraduate living in an apartment with his friends at his home university. He often cooks for breakfast and dines out for lunch and dinner.
  • As he likes light tasted foods, he is strict about the amount of salt and sugar his meals contain. Before ordering food at restaurants, he always checks how much seasonings are used in dishes.