Project 3 | POV Statements

Journal Entry For
Project 3 - POV Statements


  1. Maria needs a safe and affordable place for her family to rest, cook, and shower because her family currently shares a crowded, two bedroom house with another farmworker family.
  2. Adrian needs a way to learn about farming, because he wants to increase his income by cultivating his own land rather than making less than poverty line as a farmworker.
  3. Adrian needs a place to stay while he is working in Half Moon Bay for two months planting season, because he is currently living out of his car.
  4. Allen, a firefighter, needs to improve the safety of farmworker communities because he is concerned that propane and wood camp stoves pose a substantial fire risk
  5. Dustin, garbage collector, needs a way to effectively collect recyclables and garbage from farmworker houses because they are currently prone to overflowing and dumping.
  6. Aiden needs a way to house the farmworkers that help his family’s pumpkin farm because his employees are leaving the area since they can’t afford the rent.