Design Project 1 | POV Statements

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Project 1 - POV Statements

Point of View Statements

Point of View Statement 1

Colin needs to analyze environmental projects from a financial perspective because environmentally-oriented sales pitches fail to quantify concrete benefits.

Point of View Statement 2

Andrew needs the flexibility to analyze multiple different types of dwellings as a cost conscious renter looking to become a homeowner in the near future.

Point of View Statement 3

Chelsea needs to evaluate her ecological impact holistically as the large quantities of material goods she purchases have an environmental impact in their manufacturing, distribution, and disposal.

Point of View Statement 4

Dani needs to understand the cash flows of any home construction project since her recent home purchase has pushed her to the maximum of her monthly budget.

Point of View Statement 5

Alice needs to prioritize capital projects since she maintains multiple properties for profit with finite capital.

Selected Point of View Statement

You’ll select the Point of View statement that you’ll carry forward to inspire and guide your design work after our next class meeting on Mon, Jul 3.

Colin primarily wants to save money 💰 but is willing to evaluate the economic merits of sustainability projects (i.e. improve insulation & install solar 🛰️). Colin finds most environmentally-oriented sales pitches uncompelling because he finds the benefits challenging to quantify 🧮 (i.e. reduce personal impact of emissions). Since Colin is eco-curious and primarily economically minded, we’ll come up with a solution that will help him make an informed decision.