Notes from 6/28 Class

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Class Session Notes
  • Interviewing
    • Questioning Styles
      • Close ended questions: “Do you like chocolate ice cream” —> “Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla?” —> “What flavor of ice cream do you like?”
    • Open-ended
      • What do you think about when you consider dessert?
        • Hot/cold, base
    • Insight Vs data
      • Empathizing / Understanding — Tell me about…
      • Leading / Confirming — Would you… Do you think that… Do you agree…
        • “How has my service been today… great?”
        • “You like soda pop… don’t you?”
      • Confronting — Why don’t you…
        • “Why don’t you take the bus to school?”
      Practice Interviewing - Thinking about Sustainability
      Design Project 1 | Interviewing
      Design Project 1 | Interviewing
  • Observing
    • Sitting at target and watching people check out
  • Surveying
    • Used during pandemic by Colin
    • Interview peple that you know
  • Synthesizing

Theo from Penn: Mildew, dental appliance, bio bags. Buildup of moisture, creates bacteria, rot. Solution needs to be breathable and ecologically friendly. Replace bag that grapes, or box that raspberries come in.

Zach from Singapore: Electronic waste across the value chain, solutions for production or waste. Sorting and treating the waste. Multiple bins. Scrap the whole bin if it’s contaminated. 90% of stuff going in recycle bin go to landfill. Sorting using AI and cameras.

Manya from HS: Recycling taught during youth education. Texas is not recycling but CA is big on sustainability. There could be an app to scan and recycle.

Eugenie from Korea: Cosmetic introduce lots of plastic waste. Don’t scrap all the material. How to take cosmetic products as well as possible. Korean people used to refilling cosmetics.

Assignment: Read composite profiles, conduct 6-10 interviews with individuals who may be target audience for your product