Lumion 🔵 ⭐️

What's Available
  • Lumion is a real-time rendering application and plug-in that offers exceptional rendering capabilities to create photorealistic visualizations of your building models, including:
    • Rendered images
    • 360 degree panoramas
    • Video walkthrus
    • Virtual reality
  • The Lumion software works with many Windows modeling tools:
    • Autodesk Revit
    • SketchUp Pro
    • Rhino
    • ArchiCAD
    • Vectorworks
  • Lumion is not available for the Mac OS. But, it can be used on an Intel-based Mac with a Bootcamp partition.

Hardware Requirements (Graphics Card with Dedicated VRAM)

Accessing the Software
Option 1: 14 Day Free Trial

Lumion offers a 14-Day Free Trial. You can sign up for the trial and download the software here:

IMPORTANT: Don't use the Free Trial version for work that you want to keep. Projects created in the Trial version cannot be opened after the 14-Day trial expires. If you're going to be working with Lumion for more than 14 days, sign up for a free educational license instead.

Option 2: Free Educational License
  • Lumion offers a free educational license to students and educators.
  • The license is valid for one year, and it can be renewed as long as your are a student.
  • You can sign up for an educational license here by verifying that you line a country eligible for Lumion Pro Student licenses and providing proof that you are a currently enrolled student: