Feedback Session 1


  • considers the building an office space
  • with glass or water at the front - describes as a style feature
  • asked about the back of the building
  • described the inside
  • enjoyed the aesthetics and Greek
  • Annie explained the pillars and internal
  • ask how to enter the house and what is the initial internal view
  • could be very useful in the desert, the heat is intensive in the desert
  • cleaning of the columns due to dust storms in the desert
  • liked the architecture
  • overall, looks good, include a way to clean the columns


  • feedback after the first couple of slides: thinks it will have a good impact around the world
  • likes the look of the design
  • make sure the glass won't be affected by sandstorms
  • underground aspects of the cooling system - basement for the passive cooling bit
  • likes the aesthetic of the pillars
  • asks where the entrance of the building is
  • develop the whole city/community
  • figure out the best angles for the windows and pillars.