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Module 11 - Sharing Your Project



Replace this text with your reflections on your design journey through class from a higher level and share your insights about the entire experience. What were:

  • Key / Essential / Unique Design Features
    • Slanted Walls - Rather than using external shades to block sun glare from some of the curtain walls, I decided to slant the walls themselves. However, I would literally never ever do this again. it cause me a lot of problems with the mid quarter modules which caused me to get behind and dedicate more time to debugging than to other features of the building that I wanted to explore. Definitely not worth it.
    • CLT Frame - I wanted to experiment with using CLT since it is becoming a more popular and sustainable framing option plus a developer I am working with on a another project tasked my group with exploring impacts of CLT on cost and design within the context of affordable housing development. I think the exposed framing is aesthetically pleasing and brings warmth to the interior of the building, but I think I could have reduced the number of columns I had by a lot and maximized the span of floor panels if I had a little bit better grasp on structural concepts in general. (I'm pretty sure the entire teaching team has witnessed struggle with structural concepts
  • Your Big Successes I like how the CLT framing looked with the cantilevered floor extending outwards to the southern facing slanted curtain wall.
  • Your Big Challenges -
    • See slanted walls in the first bullet.
    • Not architecturally minded - 220A was a lot more about learning how to use Revit and thus was much more checklist focused. Learn how to do a skill, practice it, apply it. However 220B was more framed around okay now you know how to do a lot of these things so let's see how creatively you can apply them and then learn how to take a deeper dive into some of the concepts you already learned. However, I do not have a architectural background nor to I consider myself a very creative person, so I found it really challenging to make something out of nothing, and I often got bogged down in the process so that I had less time to focus on the concepts I wanted to like how material choices impact energy use.
    • Exhibition space staircase opening - For the life of me, I could not get a hole in the floor of the stair way adjacent to my atriums in the exhibit areas. I tried shafts, subtracting in-place-masses, redrawing floor boundaries... nothing. The other two stairways a just find though.
  • Lessons Learned -- Don't get too committed to certain features of your building if they are starting to pull your attention away from the things you really wanted to learn or focus on.

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