Design Project 1 | Testing Notes

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Project 1 - Testing Session 1

What did you observe?

What did you observe and note as you watched users interact with your prototypes?

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What feedback did your users share after the testing?

What feedback did your users share after they've had a chance to interact with and explore your prototypes?

  • have a partnership with local markets and whatnot for advertisements and with more points get more sales
  • Wouldn't really use the singular recipes. Liked the ability to pick-up and drop-off weekly bundles
  • liked the seasonality, make more clear about where foods are coming from
  • pictures of what friends made for part of the point system. really liked the videos. Liked the bundle to make it easier because didnt need to think about how to put it together, easier for people that arent as good with cooking knowledge.


Was a bit busy

Clean up the point system/make it more interactable

Inform about the purpose of not having the food travel as far rather than just random foods from different stores.