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Project 1 - Composite Characters

Composite Character Profiles

Composite Character 1: Confused Tree Hugger

  • Typically >40yo and can be male or female
  • Advocate for sustainable practices, but are blissfully unaware (or ignorant) to the many things in their life that are wasteful or environmentally un-friendly. e.g. they recycle relentlessly and preach sustainability but overuse paper and plastics in their everyday life.
  • Generally this character is at least 25 years old and college educated enough to have strong opinions and back up those opinions with facts

Composite Character 2: The Lazy Good Guy

  • Male in their 30s who cares about the planet and environment, but just doesn’t have time for it.
  • Will make their best efforts to recycle and practice sustainable habits if easy and made available to them.
  • At the end of the day, they care, but not enough to go out of their way or buy specialty products.

Composite Character 3: Affluent Foodie

  • Female aged anywhere from 30-50 who loves cooking and considers themselves a foodie but doesn’t have the time (to cook or live more sustainably).
  • Relies heavily on meal and grocery delivery services.
  • Price agnostic.
  • Will buy ANYTHING that makes her feel good about herself and helping the planet

Composite Character 4 Amateur Chef

  • Can be male or female aged 40-70yo.
  • More familiar with food usage and waste in the kitchen than most people.
  • Keenly aware of time, meal prep, food’s shelf life, and how to preserve ingredients.
  • Will invest in food/kitchen appliance products but is very selective about what they have in their kitchen.