Design Project 1 | POV Statements

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Project 1 - POV Statements

Point of View Statements

Point of View Statement 1

Sarah needs to seamlessly track her eco-footprint because she was surprised to learn how her daily actions contribute to her overall environmental impact.

Point of View Statement 2

John needs personalized recommendations for sustainable living because he was surprised to discover that his current practices could be optimized for a greater positive impact.

Point of View Statement 3

Emma needs a vibrant community for sustainable engagement because she was surprised by the lack of support and guidance when trying to adopt eco-conscious behaviors.

Point of View Statement 4

Alex needs real-time insights on water consumption because he was surprised to find out how much water is wasted in everyday activities, motivating him to make changes and conserve water.

Selected Point of View Statement

You’ll select the Point of View statement that you’ll carry forward to inspire and guide your design work after our next class meeting on Mon, Jul 3.

POV #4