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Project 1 - Plan for Iterating

What feedback did your users share after the testing?

July 14th, 2023

Office Hours Notes (conversation with Jay and Glenn):

  • Initial partner ideas:
  • What if its a sensor device that has trackers and an app that notifies you of the shelf life of the food in your fridge:
    • maybe use Dall-E to create a product mockups?
  • leveraging Apple’s existing architecture and using someones phone to communicate and provide feedback
  • collecting individual food data
  • collecting temp/humidity
  • prevent food borne illnesses things that rot
  • social entrepreneurship angle of donating food to a food house
  • food health & food waste
  • Nutritional element
  • Food and fridge accessories
  • Hyper-localized tracking
  • positive benefits vs just preventative benefits (using for cooking)
  • Company name ideas: FoodSense
    • FoodTech
    • EatSmart
    • imagery is just to convince people hearing the idea that its possible to do this
  • Data is helpful: temperatures, toxins, moisture, IoT device
  • sensing in a way that makes the unknown and dangerous KNOWN to you is very fertile ground.
  • The thing that gets you in trouble is something you don’t know about.
  • Bosch FreshSense internal frige sensor technology: