Design Project 1 | Composite Character Profiles

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Project 1 - Composite Characters

Composite Character Profiles

Traditional Tracy

  • Not willing to take a risk/change their lifestyle
  • Very stubborn with the brands that they purchase
  • Not much effort into sustainable disposal
  • Typically older (I’ve been doing this my whole life)

Selfish Sally

  • Doesn’t believe their actions have any influence
  • Blames others for their actions
  • Prioritizes their own wellbeing over everything else
  • Lacks responsibility/self-accountability out of hopelessness/futility

Dumb Dolly

  • Not very educated in the consequences of environmental actions
  • Dumps all waste into the trash out of ignorance
  • Victim of several misconceptions regarding sustainability
  • Typically younger/inexperienced with sustainability

Passionate Polly

  • Very enthusiastic about sustainability
  • Works tirelessly to find sustainable alternatives in goods/services
  • Advocates for sustainable companies/public about boycotting unsustainable corporations
  • Very active on social media to spread her message