Theo Aronson

  • EDUCATION: I went to a small Quaker school in Philadelphia for most of my life. I went to Ithaca College in upstate New York my freshman year of college and quickly realized I was too isolated there. I was also eager to work part-time in the music industry, so I transferred to NYU’s Music Business program, which was effectively a dual degree in Music Performance (Steinhardt School) and Business (Stern School of Business). I graduated in ‘06/’07 with a Bachelor of Music degree (guitar is my main instrument).
  • WORK EXPERIENCE: 15 years working in the music/entertainment industry as a producer and creative strategist. In 2007 I started my career in an area called “New Media” (now known as “Digital” or “Digital Marketing”) predominantly at large independent record labels within the Universal Music Group (UMG) system. That includes 6 years running my own indie rock label, Ooh La La Records, which was distributed in partnership with UMG. I’ve always had a passion for new technology and was involved in the early websites and eCommerce builds for artists when these platforms were first being introduced. Web design and digital production were a big part of my early career. I have always been passionate about working with artists and creating music. For several years was producing actual recordings we were releasing on Ooh La La and also spent a couple years earning a living as a composer/producer for advertising and Film/TV music (biggest commercial I scored was for a Dominos ad that ran during football season).
  • WHY (THIS COURSE): Lifelong obsession with design, sound, function, and aesthetics. Curious about sustainability and how to create “things” that improve people’s lives.
  • GOALS (FOR THIS COURSE): to learn about different design methods and especially get a glimpse into the industrial design process (particularly interested in sustainable packaging solutions).


  • Check out my website for samples of my work (and website design):
  • I dream about designing or just being involved in something as succinct and elegant as this Dieter Rams piece:
  • Last year I discovered the work of Ward Bennett (via a chair) and I continue to find his designs and outlook on life to be really profound:
  • Design doesn’t need to be fancy —XtraWide Bun Design FTW!