Design Project 2 | Divergent thinking - How might we…?

Journal Entry For
Project 2 - HMW

How might we…?

How might we create a space that encourages taking breaks during studying, promotes both physical and mental well-being, and guides users on studying more effectively?

Promoting physical wellbeing and movement

  • Break Hunts: Organize mini-hunts and physical activities for students after extended study hours to promote movement and re-energization.
  • Active Workstations: Provide standing, treadmill, or bike desks that allow students to stay engaged in learning while remaining physically active.
  • Ergonomic Workstations
  • Blue light-free screen

Encouraging taking breaks & effective studying methodologies

  • Phone Box Reminder: Implement a phone box on the desk that periodically lights up, reminding you to take a break.
  • Special Desk with Reminders: Install special desks that utilize lights or filling glasses to remind students to take breaks after a specific duration of study.
  • Earn Points for Massage Chair: Introduce a reward system where students can earn points during studying, which they can redeem for short sessions on a massage chair in the break rooms.
  • Kinetic Blinds: Install kinetic blinds in the Zen room's windows that display the remaining time until the next break, encouraging students to take breaks mindfully.
  • Instructions on desks that explain efficient studying methods (active recalling, Pomodoro technique…)

Promoting mental wellbeing, mindfulness, and relaxation

  • Zen room: Create a Zen room with plants, benches, and water fountains, fostering a calming environment for meditation and relaxation.
  • Break Cave: Equip the Break Cave with headphones playing personalized music choices and provide small plushy chairs for students to relax comfortably.
  • Garden Space: Establish a garden space outside the library, where students can engage in gardening activities like watering plants, promoting relaxation and connection with nature
  • Interactive Billboards or Art Mural: Place billboards in the garden space with thought-provoking questions to encourage contemplation and mindfulness during breaks and after some periods, it will also change to change it up, like an art exhibition to drive curiosity and thought