Testing Session 2

Journal Entry For
Project 2 - Testing Session 2

Feedback 1

Incorporate in an existing space or build it?

Are there any library with these features?

Feedback 2

Anyway to open the phone box?

Fresh air systems? Cooling system?

How is this space sustainable?

Are these spaces inside or outside?

Feedback 3

Testin 2

person 1

  • Great for high school/colleges
  • make it comfortable
  • take you out of the real world into the library space
  • library is a plac with alot of books, and quite
  • how you plan to soundproof? → acoutins panel
  • Touch screen rooms with multiple screens
  • can be both new library and existing
    • can embed

person 2 - MORE diverse study areas

  • Different rooms with different sounds ( white noise )
  • likes the beach ones, cuz water
  • Would like more
  • Doesn’t it see the library
  • Change name from library → Study Spalces
  • Rooms for music
  • feels like its isolated, what about community related? group related
  • Organise by floor, different theme rooms
  • People dont care if its isolated, as long can work
  • How would you do it as a business?
    • Subscription??

Person 3

- like the integrated focus spaces

  • we get distracted alot
  • enjoys directed view to nature in the library/study spaces
    • great especially for big cities
  • Curious about the 2nd floor, social room
  • A new building would be better, cuz the exterior would match the interior

Person 4

  • Green is good for the eyes
  • Likes the workstations
    • can combine
    • with sliding doors
    • can put up with blinds
  • built-in silos would be nice
  • but in stanford, a new place would be good

Better Grades , money grade