Dylan Win


Hello! I am a junior studying mechanical engineering. I would say I’m quite far into the ME major, so I’ve taken courses in all of the different concentrations (thermo/fluid dynamics, material mechanics, product realization, and dynamics). I’m also interested in pursuing an Earth Systems minor, so I’ve taken a lot of courses in sustainability and energy. Meanwhile, I have a lot of self-taught knowledge/experience with cars and electronics (which is why I wanted to become a mechanical engineering major in the first place).

I’m interested in this course because I wanted to tie my previous experiences of design (from my product realization courses) with sustainability. While I have gone through the design process several times before, I’ve never done it in this context and for the explicit purpose of design. My main goal for this course will allow me to expand my abilities in the initial needfinding and ideation phase of design, which is something that I felt was more overlooked in my prior coursework.