Maya Alvarez-Coyne

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Hi everyone! My name is Maya and I’m a junior studying Design with a domain focus in Climate + Environment. Prior to Stanford, I attended an arts high school where I pursued my passion for dance and continue to do so here on campus. My history in the arts has nurtured my love for design, with its interdisciplinary blend of art, science, and technology, offering endless possibilities for innovative solutions across various fields.



Last summer, I interned in the public sector, providing support and guidance to multiple non-profits in the New York metropolitan area. Throughout this experience, I collaborated with a diverse range organizations with many addressing environmental concerns, spanning from environmental justice to sustainability development.

I wanted to take this course challenge myself as a designer. Despite having some experience in design thinking, I haven’t had many opportunities to create human-centered solutions with sustainability as a core guiding principle. I hope to emerge from this course with a fresh perspective of the design process and a deep understanding of sustainable design principles. Ultimately, my goal for this course is to push my creative limits, step beyond familiar design paradigms, and craft innovative solutions that I can truly be proud of.