Friend 2

Who Did You Interview?

  • Friend

Demographics That Might Provide Helpful Context for Their Responses

  • Maryland
  • Student
  • 29

Key Findings from the Interview

  1. What products do you presently use during your menstrual cycle?
    1. Pads
    2. Tampons
    3. Cups or
    4. Period garments

Ans: Pads and tampons (interchangeably depending on time and activity)

  1. During your average cycle, how often do you use this product?

Ans: 8-10

  1. While making a purchase, what features do you look for in a product?
    1. Comfort
    2. Absorption capacity
    3. Price
    4. Material used

Ans: Wings for comfort and should thin layer, price doesn’t really matter

  1. What challenges or inconveniences do you usually face when you purchase menstrual hygiene products?

Ans: Nothing in particular

  1. If you were to come across an organic/sustainable alternative to the period product shelf, how inclined would you be to purchase that?

Ans: Yeah, I don’t mind. But I would consider the safety and price as compared to the current products that I use.