Meeting Notes 8/10/23

Journal Entry For
Project 3 - Class Session Notes
  • Kickoff: 15 triangles activity

  • Interviews
    • Initial Interviews Scheduled for 2:30-3:30pm tomorrow
    • Who else could we interview -Felipe
  • Other empathizing through articles - Manel

  • Future prompt: 2050
    • Future POV: We imagine a future where organic farming continues to grow in popularity, and it starts to replace industrial farms.
    • Interactions between people and machines
      • Star Wars example from Colin: Luke Skywalker maintained farming robots and machines -Sean
      • Alternative resources:
        • Power: Wind, Solar -Manel
        • Water: Desalinization -Maanya
      • Tech that is fancy now will be mainstream in 2050 -Felipe
      • Are houses built on the ground in 2050? -Sean
    • Cooperatives rather than factory farms -Manel
      • Shorter distances from farm to table. -Felipe
    • Emotional connection with the farm, live near them on the ground -Melanie
      • Enable Organic farming compared to industrial farming -Manel/Sean
    • Extreme affordability
      • durability
      • affordability
    • Modern elements of architecture - Technologies to improve efficiency of structure currently implemented on projects with big funding, either government or wealthy
      • Trickle down, Standardized design of best practices technologies into micro living project -Manel
      • Y2e2?

  • We brainstormed on questions for Joaqin Jimenez
Interview | Vice Mayor Jimenez

  • Started on POV statements to guide design direction
Project 3 | POV Statements