Design Project Check-In: Structural Framing Systems

Design Project Check-In: Structural Framing Systems

Click the + New Button and add a card for your Design Journal entry to this gallery. Tips for Editing: - If you don’t see the + New button, click the Edit button in the toolbar at the top of this page. - If you can’t edit your new page, click the “Open as page” link at the top of the page. Please share your design thinking in your Design Journal entry and include a link to your personal folder (containing your Revit model files) within our Autodesk Construction Cloud project.

Your Design Journal entries for this module should highlight:

  • your overall strategy and the features of the structural system
  • the material and framing system selected
  • the locations of structural columns and major framing elements
  • any special structural challenges

Design Journal Entries | Winter 2022