Design Project 2 | Interviews & Key Findings

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Project 2 - Interviews

Interviews & Key Findings

Pawan’s interview

Interview Questions:

  • What comes to mind when you think of a library?
  • How often do you visit the library, and what do you do there?
  • How often do you take breaks in library? if any?
  • What do you during the breaks?
  • What challenges do you face when using the library, and how do you think those challenges can be addressed?
  • What comes to mind when you think of sustainability and library together?

Goal of the questions: to understand student’s views on library, and their interactions in library and get thoughts on challenges they face if any in the library

[Pawan] Interview #1
[Pawan] Interview #2
[Pawan] Interview #3
[Pawan] Interview #4
[Pawan] Interview #5

Vitto’s interviews

Interview Questions:

1) How often do you go to the library? Tell me about your studying habits (well-organized/not organized - constantly studying/ studying only before exams - stressed and anxious/relaxed and motivated)

2) Have you ever had problems related to physical health due to overexposure to blue light, bad posture, sedentary lifestyle like back pain, neck pain, blurry vision, or headaches?

3) Have you ever felt burned out due to excessive stress? Or just anxious? How do you overcome these situations?

4) Do you know the Pomodoro technique or any other effective studying methods?

5) What features would you like to have in a library?

6) What about your work-life balance? Are you able to keep an healthy balance? Do you have tendencies to prioritize your work before anything else?

Interview results & key findings

1) During exam periods, the interviewees appeared to share similar attitudes as they felt stress levels typically increasing. However, not all of them mentioned adopting a day-by-day approach to managing their studies. The library emerged as the most frequently chosen place for studying. Among those interviewed, one individual revealed viewing anxiety and stress as useful elements for enhancing focus and promoting a sense of responsibility. The oldest participant clearly conveyed that work environments generally induce much higher stress levels compared to study environments. Nevertheless, all respondents asserted that they generally maintain good studying habits.

2) Every participant reported experiencing at least one instance of health issues related to excessive studying in recent times, primarily manifesting as back and neck pain, headaches, and a general sense of fatigue.

3) All respondents acknowledged having encountered periods of intense stress at least once in their lives, particularly those currently immersed in highly competitive work or study settings. The stress was linked to the desire and pressure to excel but tended to vanish after completing the required tasks. One respondent mentioned that this kind of stress made them unproductive, and their coping mechanism involved taking a break. Another one stated, instead, that in this periods these periods their sleep is negatively affected.

4) Regarding effective studying methodologies, the feedback I received varied: some interviewees had never heard of these techniques before, others were aware of them but had not implemented them, some stated that they had tried to use them but found them ineffective, while a few individuals currently employed these methods on a daily basis.

5) When questioned about the features they would desire in a library, many individuals seemed unable to come up with specific ideas - indicating that libraries are often perceived as requiring nothing more than a functional desk and chair. However, some of them mentioned various kind of entertaining facilities like a caffè or table tennis courts, where people would spend their quick breaks at. No one mentioned spaces related to physical activity or meditation/relax.

6) The majority of respondents claimed that they could maintain a positive work-life balance, experiencing only minor challenges during periods of intense stress. However, one interviewee, who participates in competitive sports dancing, expressed that the only way to juggle their social life, work, and sport simultaneously is by sacrificing some sleep.

Sam’s Interviews

Interview Questions:

  1. What comes to mind when you think of a library
  2. How often do you go to a library? Weekly, Monthly basis
  3. What is the purpose of you visiting the library?
  4. Do you feel productive studying/working in the library? What aspects of the library encourage productivity?
  5. What could be done to improve productivity and make your visit to the library more beneficial?

[Sam] Interview #1
[Sam] Interview #2
[Sam] Interview #3
[Sam] Interview #4
[Sam] Interview #5