[Pawan] Interview #1

Who Did You Interview?

  • Student I Met in Branner Hall

Demographics That Might Provide Helpful Context for Their Responses

  • They visit the library 3-4 times a week, both during their classes and when they were in high school for exams.
  • They prefer studying alone or with friends but individually, either in silent settings or with study groups.
  • The interviewee takes breaks during their study sessions, typically lasting around 30 minutes.
  • During breaks, they often go to get coffee or use their phone, particularly watching TikTok videos.
  • They sometimes find it challenging to locate books in the library, and they feel that not many people use the library other than the study group area.
  • The interviewee thinks that making the library a safe place for 24-hour studying would promote sustainability.
  • They also prefer studying in computer clusters or seminar rooms over their room due to noise and discomfort of studying with strangers around.
  • They believe promoting sustainable behavior in the library involves being respectful of others, especially in study group rooms, and maintaining a quiet environment.

Key Findings from the Interview

  1. The interviewee frequently visits the library for studying, especially during exams, and prefers a safe and quiet environment to focus on their assignments.
  2. They take regular breaks during their study sessions, engaging in activities like getting coffee or using their phone for short intervals.
  3. Challenges in the library include difficulty in finding books and a perceived lack of people using the library space outside of specific areas.
  4. To promote sustainable behavior in the library, the interviewee suggests making it a 24-hour facility and encouraging respectful behavior among students, particularly in study group areas.
  5. They prefer studying in computer clusters or seminar rooms due to their comfort in solo study environments, but they also enjoy studying silently with friends for motivation and to avoid getting bored or sleepy.

Overall, the interviewee values the library as a safe and conducive place for studying but sees room for improvement in terms of access to resources, extended hours, and better utilization of the library's space. They also emphasize the importance of respectful behavior among students to foster a sustainable and harmonious studying environment.