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Project 1 - Sharing

One Slide Backdrop for Your Live 90 Sec Pitch

Elevator Pitch Video

Project Presentation

  • Tell us how your design idea demonstrates:
  • Creativity / Originality
    • Combined several feature to form one unique living space
      • Biophilic design
      • Powerledger* energy systems
      • Central Cooling System*
      • Solar Port EV charging
      • Pneumatic Waste Systems
    • These technologies and concepts already exist and are being put into practice
      • Biophilic Design - See Singapore, the EU
      • Centralised Cooling Systems - See China, Singapore
      • Pneumatic Waste Systems - See Singapore, Barcelona
      • Powerledger - See Western Australia
    • Encourages tenants to connect and live within nature
    • Encourages tenants to live within a circular economy
    • Encourages tenants to self sustain
    Use of Design Thinking
    1. We live in an age of exponential technological growth and sustainable development
      1. All aspects of our lives have evolved
        1. Energy productions and consumption
        2. Our forms of transportation
        3. Our forms of consumption
    2. Our dwellings and places of living have remained largely unchanged; these buildings have not embodied these changes
      1. Haven adresses these shortcomings
      2. Provides a vision for future living
        1. Biophilic Design
        2. Microgrid
        3. Centralised Cooling systems
        4. Pneumatic Waste Systems
        5. Solar Carports for EVs

Design Journal Entries

CEE 176G/276G Individual Design Journal Entries | Summer 2023