Practice Exercise: Plumbing Systems

Practice Exercise: Plumbing Systems


The focus of this exercise is to explore how plumbing systems can be designed and modeled to meet the functional requirements for a typical plumbing need in most buildings -- the restrooms.

Download these two Revit models as the starting point for this exercise:

This early version of the plumbing model includes:

  • MEP versions of the plumbing fixtures (that include the needed connections) placed in the restrooms on Level 0.
  • The main riser (vertical) pipe and branch (horizontal) pipes in the mechanical space behind the south restroom on Level 0 for the:
    • Sanitary system
    • Domestic Hot Water system
    • Domestic Cold Water system

Design Tasks

  1. Start by noting that the location of the restrooms on each level in the building are stacked (located directly above each other on each floor). This will make it easier to model the plumbing system elements at one floor level, then copy them between floor levels to simplify your modeling.
  2. Model the plumbing system connections for the south restroom on Level 0 by connecting the plumbing fixtures to the branch pipes for each system in the mechanical space that has been provided in the walls behind the fixtures.
  3. Repeat your modeling for the plumbing systems for the north restroom on Level 0.
    1. Use the Mirror tool to copy the main riser pipe and branch pipes to the mechanical space behind the north restroom walls. Note: a Reference Plane has been provided in the center of the hallway that you can use to Mirror the pipe elements.
  4. Connect the fixtures in the north restroom to the branch pipes behind them.
  5. Copy the plumbing fixtures and piping on Level 0 to the Clipboard, then Paste Aligned to Level 1 to create copies in the restrooms directly above.
  6. Upload your completed plumbing model to your personal folder in the BIM 360 Document Management interface.
  7. Then, copy this plumbing model into your Model Coordination space and create a new Coordination View that merges it with the architectural and structural models that you uploaded in the prior practice exercises.

Then, post your Practice Exercise results below.

Click the + New Button and add a card for your plumbing system design to this gallery. Tips for Editing: - If you don’t see the + New button, click the Edit button in the toolbar at the top of this page. - If you can’t edit your new page, click the “Open as page” link at the top of the page.

Be sure to include:

  • The screenshot of an interior view of your merged model from BIM 360 Model Coordination showing the plumbing elements.
  • You’ll probably need to select and hide the Partition element from the architectural model to see your plumbing fixtures.
  • A few lines describing any challenges you encountered and how you overcame them.

Plumbing System Practice Exercise | Fall 2022