Solomon Kim

Journal Entry For
Module 11 - Sharing Your Project


Replace this text with your reflections on your design journey through class from a higher level and share your insights about the entire experience. What were:

  • Key / Essential / Unique Design Features that you explored in your project.

I envision that my virtual reality exhibits will utilize external temperatures to create a more immersive experience. Imagine swimming through an ocean and seeing the effects of ocean acidification or going through a wildfire that has been exacerbated my climate change. These experiences would require either increasing or decreasing the temperature which natural heating/cooling can significantly help with. This would involve placing the building in positions that optimize for shade as well as for sun in other parts. This also means using certain building materials in certain areas as well as placing windows in certain places.

  • Your Big Successes -- what worked very well and what features you're most proud to share as examples to inspire others.

I'm personally most proud of the fully glass building structure that I ended up going with. I believe that it is very aesthetic and that people will resonate with it significantly. It will also allow the building itself to be immersed in the nature around it as individuals will be able to see the nature right through the windows. Therefore, people will feel like they are experiencing an immersive experience within another immersive experience.

  • Your Big Challenges -- what aspects of the project created the biggest challenges and what would you do differently (in hindsight) to avoid or overcome these challenges.

-I wish I had spaced my time better. This was a bit difficult for me because I joined this class around week 6/week 7. So I wish I had joined this class earlier to give me more time than I had. Because I had so little time for this entire class, I sometimes felt like I unfortunately had to rush things. Therefore, in the future I'd like to spend more time planning as well as executing on a design that I am happy with.

  • Lessons Learned -- what sage words of advice would you share with other students who are embarking on a similar project.

Do something that your passionate about!

This project is so much more fun when your working on something that you generally care about, so don't feel like you need to settle for something that you don't want to do. Additionally, personally I had done virtual reality research in the past so it was fun exploring the intersection between buildings and VR. If you are able to combine a niche interest of yours with a building project, that could be a really good idea!

Video Presentation / Tour of Your Project Features

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