Dimpy Sanduja

Journal Entry For
Module 11 - Sharing Your Project



Key / Essential / Unique Design Features

  • Day lighting
  • Green roof terraces
  • Sustainable material

Big Successes

  • Curtain walls with overhang shades to optimize daylighting. And all glasses are Low-E triple glazing to make it more sustainable. 
  • Upper level with multiple green roof terrace with large surrounding landscape views.
  • Largest curtain wall systems are along the eastern and southern sides of the structure to get optimal light in the morning and to get naturally heating of the structure from harsh western light.
  • Natural daylighting with beautifully placement of skylight on top of atrium to get natural large open space feeling.

Big Challenges --

  • The biggest challenge was to adjust supply and return air ducts as I had very less space between floor height(14ft) and ceiling height (10ft.) .
  • I had spent quite time to figure out how to make the common origin for each model while doing model coordination in BIM 360 because they were not appearing at the same place. 
  • Designing component of building façade element from scratch and figuring how to apply material on the element to get right appearance

Lessons Learned --

  • We should always consider HVAC spacing while deciding floor to floor height of the building.
  • It would be helpful if we could design restroom considering plumbing requirements in mind.
  • To avoid rework on later stage on architecture development, we should always consider structure strategy in parallel at all stages.

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